Urban Outfitters vs. Free People Bedroom Rugs

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Your bedroom is your sanctuary, and every little detail counts when creating a cozy and stylish atmosphere. Choosing the perfect rug for your bedroom can be a daunting task, especially with so many options available. In this article, we’ll be comparing Urban Outfitters and Free People bedroom rugs in terms of style, comfort, and quality to help you make the best decision for your space.

Key Takeaways:

  • Urban Outfitters and Free People both offer stylish bedroom rug options.
  • Urban Outfitters rugs are known for their comfort and plush feel.
  • Free People rugs often feature bohemian-inspired designs and natural materials.
  • Quality and durability are essential factors to consider when choosing a bedroom rug.
  • Your personal style, budget, room size, and maintenance requirements should also be taken into account.

Style: Exploring Urban Outfitters Bedroom Rugs

If you’re looking for a bedroom rug that’s trendy, unique, and stylish, Urban Outfitters is a great place to start your search. Their bedroom rug collection boasts a wide range of styles that can complement any bedroom décor, from bohemian and eclectic to modern and minimalistic.

One popular style offered by Urban Outfitters is the shag rug, which features a luxurious, plush texture that adds a cozy touch to any space. These rugs come in an array of colors, including neutral tones like beige and cream, as well as bold hues like pink and purple. Additionally, their jute and woven cotton rugs are perfect for adding a natural and textured feel to your bedroom.

Urban Outfitters Bedroom Rug Styles:

Style Description
Shag Plush and cozy with a range of colors
Jute Natural and textured feel
Woven Cotton Natural and textured feel

Overall, Urban Outfitters offers a variety of bedroom rug styles that can add personality and flair to your living space. Whether you’re looking for a bold statement piece or a subtle, understated design, they have something for everyone.

Style: Discovering Free People Bedroom Rugs

When it comes to style, Free People offers a unique and bohemian-inspired collection of bedroom rugs. These rugs are designed to make a statement and elevate the overall aesthetic of your room.

The Free People collection includes a variety of styles, from bold geometric patterns to delicate floral designs, all with a distinctly bohemian flair. They often use earth tones like rust, olive green, and deep blues, which pair well with natural materials like wooden furniture.

One standout feature of Free People rugs is their use of natural materials, including wool, jute, and cotton. These materials not only add to the style of the rug but also contribute to its overall comfort and durability. Their rugs are also often handmade, adding to their unique and artisanal quality.

Overall, Free People bedroom rugs are a great choice for those looking for a rug that makes a statement and adds a bohemian touch to their space.

Comfort: Choosing Urban Outfitters Bedroom Rugs for Coziness

Urban Outfitters bedroom rugs are designed to provide optimal comfort and warmth, making them an excellent choice for creating a cozy and inviting space. Made from high-quality materials such as wool, cotton, and synthetic fibers, these rugs feature soft and plush textures that feel luxurious underfoot.

Urban Outfitters also offers various rug sizes, allowing you to find the perfect fit for your bedroom. Additionally, some Urban Outfitters bedroom rugs are equipped with anti-slip backing, ensuring they stay securely in place, even on slippery surfaces.

Whether you prefer shaggy or flatweave, neutral or bold, Urban Outfitters has a range of options to suit your style and comfort preferences. These rugs are also easy to maintain, with many options being machine washable or requiring minimal care to keep them looking and feeling as cozy as ever.

Comfort: Exploring Free People Bedroom Rugs for Relaxation

When it comes to comfort, Free People bedroom rugs prioritize relaxation above all else. Their rugs are crafted using natural materials and soft, soothing textures that provide a sense of calm and comfort in your bedroom.

One of the standout features of Free People bedroom rugs is their use of organic materials, such as wool and cotton. These materials are not only comfortable but also sustainable and eco-friendly, ensuring that you can relax in your bedroom knowing that you have made an environmentally conscious choice.

In addition, Free People rugs often feature a thick pile, which adds an extra layer of plushness and comfort underfoot. Whether you prefer a shaggy, high-pile rug or a lower, tightly woven option, Free People has a variety of options to suit your preferences.

Another unique aspect of Free People bedroom rugs is their use of bohemian-inspired patterns and designs. These rugs incorporate intricate motifs and earthy colors that can create a serene and calming atmosphere in your bedroom.

Overall, if you prioritize relaxation and eco-consciousness in addition to comfort when choosing a bedroom rug, then Free People is a great choice for you. Their use of natural materials and bohemian-inspired designs can create a peaceful and comfortable sanctuary in your bedroom.

Quality: Assessing Urban Outfitters Bedroom Rugs for Durability

When it comes to quality and durability, Urban Outfitters bedroom rugs are a reliable choice for long-lasting performance. These rugs are constructed using high-quality materials, ensuring that they can withstand regular wear and tear.

Urban Outfitters bedroom rugs are made from a variety of materials, including wool, cotton, and synthetic fibers. Wool rugs are known for their durability and natural stain-resistant properties, while cotton rugs offer a soft and lightweight feel underfoot. Synthetic fiber rugs are often more affordable than wool or cotton, but may not offer the same level of durability.

In addition to the materials used, Urban Outfitters bedroom rugs are constructed with care and attention to detail. They are often hand-woven or hand-tufted, which adds to their durability and longevity. Many Urban Outfitters rugs also come with a warranty or guarantee, giving you peace of mind that your investment will last for years to come.

Overall, if you’re looking for a bedroom rug that is both stylish and durable, Urban Outfitters offers a great selection to choose from. With a range of materials and constructions to choose from, you’re sure to find a rug that meets your needs and exceeds your expectations.

Quality: Understanding the Durability of Free People Bedroom Rugs

If durability is a key factor for you when choosing a bedroom rug, Free People offers a selection of high-quality rugs that can withstand everyday wear and tear. These rugs are crafted from premium materials such as wool and cotton, which not only feel soft underfoot but are also sturdy enough to last for years to come.

Many of the Free People bedroom rugs feature intricate handwoven patterns, which add to their durability and longevity. The time and effort put into the construction of these rugs ensure that they can withstand heavy foot traffic without losing their shape or texture.

Additionally, many of the Free People bedroom rugs are easy to clean, making them a great choice for busy households. Most of these rugs can be vacuumed or spot cleaned with mild soap and water, ensuring that they stay fresh and looking new for as long as possible.

When it comes to quality and durability, Free People bedroom rugs are a great investment for any home. Not only will they add style and comfort to your bedroom but they will also last for years to come, making them a smart choice for any budget.

Making Your Decision: Factors to Consider

Choosing between Urban Outfitters and Free People bedroom rugs can be a challenging task, as both brands offer unique style options, cozy textures, and durable materials. To help you make an informed decision, here are some factors to consider:

Personal Style

When selecting a bedroom rug, it is crucial to consider your personal style and the overall aesthetic of your room. Urban Outfitters offers a range of trendy and modern designs, while Free People’s rugs are influenced by bohemian and vintage elements. Think about whether you prefer bold or muted colors, geometric or abstract patterns, or natural or synthetic materials.


Your budget is another crucial factor to consider. Urban Outfitters tends to offer more affordable options, while Free People’s rugs can be pricier due to the use of high-quality materials. Consider how much you are willing to spend and whether you are willing to invest in a long-lasting, high-quality rug.

Room Size

The size of your room can determine the size of the rug you need. Urban Outfitters and Free People both offer rugs in various sizes, from small accent rugs to large area rugs. Measure your room before making a decision to ensure the rug fits properly and complements the space.


Rugs require regular maintenance to ensure they stay clean and last as long as possible. Consider how much time and effort you are willing to dedicate to maintaining your rug. Some materials and designs are easier to clean and maintain than others.

By considering these factors, you can make an informed decision on whether Urban Outfitters or Free People bedroom rugs are right for you. Remember, the perfect rug can add warmth, comfort, and style to your bedroom, so take your time and choose wisely.


As you weigh the pros and cons of Urban Outfitters vs. Free People bedroom rugs, keep in mind that choosing the right rug can make a significant impact on the overall look and feel of your space.

When it comes to style, both retailers offer unique and trendy designs, but Free People’s bohemian-inspired patterns may appeal to those seeking a more eclectic look.

In terms of comfort, Urban Outfitters bedroom rugs offer a plush and cozy feel underfoot, while Free People rugs prioritize natural materials and soft textures for a relaxing experience.

When it comes to quality, both brands offer durable options with strong construction and high-performance materials. Consider your personal preferences and budget when making a decision.

Factors to Consider

Before making your final decision, take into account factors such as your personal style, room size, and maintenance requirements. If you’re on a tight budget, you may lean towards Urban Outfitters, while those seeking a unique, bohemian-inspired space may prefer Free People rugs.

Regardless of which option you choose, make sure to measure your space carefully and consider any additional furniture or decor that may impact rug size.

Ultimately, the perfect bedroom rug should reflect your personal style, provide comfort, and meet your quality expectations. Explore the selections offered by both Urban Outfitters and Free People before making a decision and enjoy the transformation of your bedroom space.


Q: Can I return a bedroom rug if I don’t like it?

A: Yes, both Urban Outfitters and Free People have return policies in place. Please check their websites for specific details.

Q: Are the bedroom rugs from Urban Outfitters and Free People machine washable?

A: It depends on the rug. Some may be machine washable, while others may require professional cleaning. Check the care instructions provided with the rug.

Q: Do Urban Outfitters and Free People offer rug sizes suitable for small bedrooms?

A: Yes, both retailers offer a range of rug sizes, including options suitable for small bedrooms. Check their websites for the available sizes.

Q: Can I find discounted bedroom rugs from Urban Outfitters or Free People?

A: Both retailers may offer occasional sales and promotions. Keep an eye out for discounts on their websites or subscribe to their newsletters for updates.

Q: Are the bedroom rugs from Urban Outfitters and Free People eco-friendly?

A: While both retailers may offer some eco-friendly options, it’s best to check the product descriptions or reach out to their customer service for more information on specific rugs.

Q: How long do the bedroom rugs from Urban Outfitters and Free People typically last?

A: The lifespan of a rug can vary depending on factors such as usage and maintenance. However, both retailers strive to offer durable and high-quality rugs that can withstand regular use.

Q: Are the bedroom rugs from Urban Outfitters and Free People suitable for high-traffic areas?

A: Some rugs from both retailers are designed to withstand high-traffic areas. Look for rugs labeled as durable or suitable for high-traffic spaces.

Q: Can I find matching accessories or decor items for the bedroom rugs from Urban Outfitters and Free People?

A: Both Urban Outfitters and Free People often offer a range of home decor items and accessories that can complement their bedroom rugs. Explore their websites to discover coordinating pieces.

Q: Can I get assistance with choosing a bedroom rug from Urban Outfitters or Free People?

A: Both retailers have customer service teams that can provide assistance and answer any questions you may have about their bedroom rugs. Reach out to them via phone, email, or online chat.

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