Loloi vs. Safavieh Bedroom Rugs: Which is the Right Choice for Your Cozy Retreat?

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When it comes to creating a comfortable and stylish bedroom, investing in a high-quality rug is a must. Not only does it add warmth and texture to your space, but it also makes it more inviting and cozy. With so many options available on the market, it can be challenging to know where to start. In this article, we’ll compare two popular rug brands – Loloi and Safavieh – to help you decide which one is the best fit for your bedroom.

Key Takeaways

  • Choosing the right rug is essential for creating a comfortable and stylish bedroom.
  • Loloi and Safavieh are two popular rug brands with different design philosophies and product offerings.
  • Factors to consider when choosing a rug include materials, style, durability, pricing, and customer satisfaction.
  • Expert recommendations and tips can help you make an informed decision based on your unique needs and preferences.

Understanding Loloi Bedroom Rugs

When it comes to creating a cozy retreat in your bedroom, choosing the right rug can make all the difference. If you’re considering Loloi bedroom rugs, you’ll be pleased to know that these rugs are designed with both style and comfort in mind.

Loloi’s commitment to quality is evident in their choice of materials. They use a variety of fibers, including wool, polyester, and cotton, to create rugs that are not only soft to the touch but also durable enough to withstand heavy foot traffic. Loloi also offers a range of sizes, from small accent rugs to room-size area rugs, to fit any bedroom space.

Design Philosophy

Loloi bedroom rugs are known for their unique designs, which blend traditional and contemporary styles. From intricate patterns to bold colors, Loloi’s designs are intended to make a statement and enhance your bedroom decor. They also offer a variety of textures, whether you prefer a plush shag rug or a flat-woven style.

One of the standout features of Loloi bedroom rugs is their attention to detail. Each rug is carefully crafted to ensure that the stitching and binding are clean and precise, resulting in a rug that not only looks beautiful but also holds up well over time. Additionally, many of Loloi’s rugs are handcrafted by skilled artisans, adding an extra layer of craftsmanship and authenticity to each piece.

Range of Styles and Sizes

Loloi offers a diverse range of styles and sizes to suit any bedroom decor. From classic Oriental designs to modern geometric patterns, there is a Loloi rug to match any aesthetic. They also offer a range of sizes, from small accent rugs to room-size area rugs, to fit any bedroom space. Whether you’re looking for a rug to complement your neutral bedding or to add a pop of color to a monochromatic room, Loloi has a rug for you.

If you’re looking for a rug that combines style, comfort, and quality, Loloi bedroom rugs are definitely worth considering. With their commitment to design and craftsmanship, these rugs are sure to make a beautiful addition to your bedroom.

Exploring Safavieh Bedroom Rugs

If you’re looking for a high-quality bedroom rug, you’ve likely come across the Safavieh brand. With a focus on craftsmanship and elegance, Safavieh has been producing rugs since 1914, and has become a household name in the world of home decor.

Safavieh offers a range of collections, each with its own unique style and design, from traditional to contemporary. Their rugs are meticulously crafted using a variety of materials, including wool, silk, and synthetic fibers, to create a luxurious feel that is both soft and durable.

Safavieh Bedroom Rug Collections Description
Heritage Collection A range of traditional Persian and European-style rugs featuring intricate patterns and bold colors.
Adirondack Collection A contemporary collection with a vintage flair, featuring abstract designs and a muted color palette.
California Shag Collection A collection of plush, cozy shag rugs that add a touch of comfort and warmth to any bedroom.

Safavieh has gained a reputation for excellence in the industry, with many customers raving about the quality and beauty of their rugs. The brand has also received numerous awards and recognition, including the prestigious ARTS Award for Best Area Rug Manufacturer.

Whether you’re looking for a traditional Oriental rug or a contemporary shag, Safavieh has a collection to suit your style and budget.

Materials and Durability

When it comes to bedroom rugs, durability is a key factor to consider. Both Loloi and Safavieh offer a range of materials that are designed to withstand wear and tear over time.

Brand Materials Used Durability
Loloi Natural fibers such as wool, cotton, and jute, as well as synthetic materials like polyester and nylon. Loloi rugs are well-known for their durability, making them a great choice for high-traffic areas and homes with pets or children. Many of their rugs are also stain-resistant, making them easy to clean and maintain.
Safavieh Natural fibers such as wool, cotton, and silk, as well as synthetic materials like polypropylene and polyester. Safavieh is also reputable for their durable materials, specifically their high-quality wool rugs. Their synthetic rugs also offer great resilience, with many designed to resist fading and stains.

When it comes to specific materials, wool is often the most desirable choice due to its softness, durability, and natural ability to repel dirt and stains. However, polyester and polypropylene rugs can also provide excellent durability at a more affordable price point.

Ultimately, both Loloi and Safavieh offer sturdy and well-made bedroom rugs that are designed to last. When considering which brand to buy from, think about your specific needs and budget to determine which materials and durability level will work best for you.

Style and Design Options

Both Loloi and Safavieh offer a plethora of design and style options to suit various bedroom decors. Loloi’s collection features an array of designs, from traditional to contemporary, in both muted and vibrant colors. They also offer rugs made from natural fibers like wool and jute, as well as handcrafted pieces that guarantee uniqueness.

Loloi’s Style and Design Options Sample Image
Vintage (Traditional)
Bohemian (Contemporary)
Natural Fiber

On the other hand, Safavieh offers uniquely crafted designs that blend both traditional and modern styles. Their collections feature stunning patterns, bold colors, and intricate textures that add flair to any bedroom. Safavieh also offers an unparalleled range of sizes, allowing customers to choose from runners to round rugs and other large sizes that fit their personal needs.

Safavieh’s Style and Design Options Sample Image
Oriental (Traditional)
Abstract (Contemporary)
Round Rugs

When selecting between the two brands, it’s important to explore the full range of styles and designs to ensure you find a rug that matches your bedroom’s overall aesthetic.

Pricing and Affordability

When it comes to pricing, both Loloi and Safavieh offer a range of options to fit different budgets. Prices can vary depending on factors such as size, material, and design complexity.

Brand Price Range
Loloi $$ – $$$$
Safavieh $$ – $$$$

It’s important to note that while both brands offer high-quality rugs, some of their more intricate designs may come with a higher price tag. However, there are also budget-friendly options available for those looking to save some money.

For Loloi, their popular Javari Collection offers affordable options for a range of bedroom sizes and designs. Safavieh’s Hudson Shag Collection also offers affordable options with a plush and cozy feel.

Ultimately, the pricing and affordability of Loloi and Safavieh bedroom rugs will depend on your individual needs and budget.

Customer Reviews and Satisfaction

When it comes to choosing a bedroom rug, it’s important to consider customer reviews and satisfaction levels. Both Loloi and Safavieh have earned positive feedback and industry recognition for their quality and design.

Many customers rave about the comfort and durability of Loloi bedroom rugs, particularly the handwoven options. Reviewers note that the rugs hold up well in high-traffic areas and are easy to clean. Some customers also appreciate the unique patterns and textures offered by Loloi.

Safavieh also receives high marks for their quality and craftsmanship. Customers often praise the brand for their attention to detail and use of premium materials. Many Safavieh bedroom rugs feature traditional designs, which resonate with customers who prefer a classic look.

While both brands have their strengths, it’s important to note that some customers have raised concerns about shedding or pilling with certain rug styles. However, overall satisfaction levels for both Loloi and Safavieh remain high.

Ultimately, customer reviews can be a helpful tool in making a decision between Loloi and Safavieh bedroom rugs. Take the time to read through reviews and consider any common themes or issues before making your selection.

Expert Recommendations and Tips

Choosing the perfect bedroom rug can be a daunting task, but with the right guidance, you can make an informed decision between Loloi and Safavieh. Consider the following expert recommendations and tips:

Think about room size:

Before purchasing a rug for your bedroom, measure the size of your room and the area where you want to place the rug. If you have a smaller room, consider a smaller rug, so that it does not overpower the space. For a larger room, you can choose a bigger rug to anchor the space and create a cozy feel.

Consider your decor style:

Both Loloi and Safavieh offer a range of styles and designs, from traditional to contemporary. Think about the style and color palette of your bedroom decor and choose a rug that complements it. If you have a bold or colorful decor, consider a rug with a more subdued pattern or color, to prevent it from clashing with your other decor elements.

Look for durability:

A bedroom rug is a high-traffic area that can experience wear and tear over time. Look for a rug that is made of durable and easy-to-maintain materials. Both Loloi and Safavieh offer a range of options, including wool, synthetic fibers, and blends. Choose a material that best suits your lifestyle and maintenance needs.

Consider your budget:

A bedroom rug can come with a hefty price tag, depending on the size and materials used. Both Loloi and Safavieh offer a range of prices, depending on the collection and size. Consider your budget and look for options that meet your needs, without breaking the bank. Don’t forget to factor in any shipping or installation costs.

Placement and maintenance:

Once you have chosen your bedroom rug, consider its placement and maintenance. Place the rug under your bed, leaving a few inches of floor space on all sides, to create a cohesive and stylish look. Vacuum your rug regularly and consider professional cleaning, if needed. Rotate the rug every six months to prevent wear and tear in high-traffic areas.

By following these expert recommendations and tips, you can make an informed decision between Loloi and Safavieh bedroom rugs and create a cozy and stylish retreat in your bedroom.


Choosing a bedroom rug can be a challenging task, but both Loloi and Safavieh offer excellent options that can enhance the comfort and style of your space. When making a decision, consider factors such as durability, style, and budget, as well as your personal preferences and room size.

Based on our research, we recommend Loloi for those looking for trendy patterns and bold colors, while Safavieh is an excellent choice for those seeking classic designs and premium materials.

Whichever brand you choose, remember to place your rug in a central location and maintain it regularly to ensure it lasts for years to come. We hope our expert recommendations and tips have helped you make an informed decision on whether to choose Loloi or Safavieh for your bedroom rug needs.


Q: Can I use Loloi bedroom rugs in high-traffic areas?

A: Yes, Loloi bedroom rugs are designed to be durable and suitable for high-traffic areas.

Q: Are Safavieh bedroom rugs easy to clean?

A: Yes, Safavieh bedroom rugs are made with materials that are easy to clean and maintain.

Q: What styles and sizes are available in Loloi bedroom rugs?

A: Loloi offers a wide range of styles and sizes to suit different bedroom decors.

Q: Do Safavieh bedroom rugs come in both traditional and contemporary designs?

A: Yes, Safavieh offers bedroom rugs in both traditional and contemporary designs.

Q: Are Loloi and Safavieh bedroom rugs affordable?

A: Both Loloi and Safavieh offer a range of pricing options to suit different budgets.

Q: What do customers say about Loloi and Safavieh bedroom rugs?

A: Customers have provided positive reviews and high satisfaction levels for both Loloi and Safavieh bedroom rugs.

Q: Can you provide expert recommendations and tips for choosing between Loloi and Safavieh bedroom rugs?

A: Yes, we offer expert recommendations and tips to help you make an informed decision between Loloi and Safavieh bedroom rugs.


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